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Walrus Kayaks
Models: Griffin | Jaeger

Walrus Kayaks Production Floor


Griffin 13''11"
Jaeger 17'4"
Ibis 15'5"(coming soon)
Eider 12'6" (coming soon)

Walrus Kayaks:

Walrus Kayaks is a Vermont-based kayak company that hand builds kayaks of the highest quality..

Walrus Kayaks stand out not only for their uncompromising designs, materials, and construction methods, for their eagerness to customize your kayak order, and for their lifetime warranty.

Many kayak builders do not disclose much about materials or construction methods --- perhaps due to a concern that their methods will not compare well with those of the competition. Walrus uses technically-advanced materials and manufacturing processes. -- and provides detailed explanations of those processes right on their website.

More and more kayak builders are outsourcing production overseas -- primarily to China. (Necky, Current Designs, Epic, Wilderness Systems, Stellar Kayaks, Point 65 N, and Riot are some of the kayak manufacturers making some if not all of their composite kayaks in China.) Because, Walrus builds kayaks right here in New England, and because you can visit the shop yourself or talk to the builders on the phone, it is easier to be sure that your kayak meets the highest standards for quality and materials and is produced in a way that minimizes impact on the environment.

Hull strength and weight are two variables kayak builders work with and usually make compromises on. Walrus has adapted techniques and materials from the aerospace and yachting industries that allow them to produce "expedition-worthy touring kayaks that offer greater rigidity, strength, and durability than even the burliest boats on the market but at only a fraction of the weight."

Walrus achieves these durability gains by using epoxy resins -- rather than the more common and less expensive polyester and vinylester. They also use the highest quality composite reinforcements available, and a vacuum infusion process. Vacuum infusion allows better control over the amount and distribution of resin, which also results in increased strength and reduced weight.

Walrus builds kayaks in three different layups and also offers a custom layup for those with additional specific needs.

The Walrus Sport layup incorporates the use of “soric” a hexagonally patterned polyester fabric in which only the channels are injected with resin, resulting in a strong and lightweight material. The fiberglass cloth of the Sport layup is reinforced with unidirectional carbon to decrease weight while maintaining strength. This is a great all-around layup that is more than adequate for the conditions most will face in a paddling lifetime.

The Pro layup also has a soric core and incorporates woven carbon fiber for additional weight savings. This is the layup of choice for paddlers seeking the lightest layup possible, but it does come at a greater cost. The Pro layup is generally 5 pounds lighter than the same boat in a Sport layup.

The Expedition layup has an outer skin of kevlar for puncture and abrasion resistance, an inner skin of woven carbon for rigidity, and a full coverage soric core for strength. This layup comes in slightly lighter than the Sport layup but has increased strength. This Expedition is a great choice for those who will be paddling in more extreme conditions and who require the most durable boat possible.

Walrus Kayaks feature recessed deck fittings, ample deck bungies (including fore and aft space paddle setup), and perimeter lines. They also feature a retractable skeg, compass mount, recessed cockpit rim, padded thigh braces, 2 hatch openings, snap on Sea-lect Design hatch covers with added finger-loops, and a smooth and durable finish both inside and out. Read more about Walrus outfitting here.

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