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Point 65°N X-Ray

Point 65 N X-Ray:
The Point 65 X-Ray is a great all-around touring boat. Long enough for extended trips, wide enough to provide excellent stability, compact and sleek enough to provide a fun, sporty ride.
The boats sharp lines and sharp chines -- included the "chined" foredeck give it a distinctive and classic look.

This is no copycat, lookalike knock-off of other designs. The X-Ray is it's own kayak -- and a well-designed one at that. My favorite features are the cockpit fit and feel, the contoured fore-deck and the paddle placement options it provides, and the balance of speed and seaworthiness.

The X-Ray is a straight-tracker and feels solid on edge. Below is the desription of this boat that appears on the Point 65 website.

For years, X-Rays have been paddled through straits from the Dead Sea to the Sea of Japan. With its strong secondary stability, great cruising speed and dry ride even in rough seas, the X-Ray is poised to forge many more straits.
But 2007 brought some improments. New innovative foot-braces and a re-designed comfortable yet functional back support raise both the level of comfort and control. But the spacious cockpit and ample carrying capacity for extensive expeditions will remind you why the X-Ray is already a legend throughout the seven seas.

For 2007, the X-Ray emerges vacuum bagged in fiberglass and infusion-molded in kevlar/carbon. Equipped as standard with a deep retractable skeg, The X-Ray is available with an optional ingenious redesigned retractable rudder and an optional day hatch.

As suitable for expedition paddlers as for entry level day-trippers, the shallow “V”-shaped hull offers excellent characteristics in rough weather, and minimizes yaw even when neither rudder nor skeg is deployed. The well defined chines permit easier turning with strong secondary stability while the distinctive foredeck-taper to avoid paddle impacts is a design characteristic of all Point 65°N kayaks. The cockpit is of key-hole design and suits all types of paddlers, its ergonomic seat providing excellent support
--from the Point 65 N website

Suggested Retail: $2199.00. At Water Walker, we currently have one X-Ray, yellow over white with skeg on sale for $1995.00.


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