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Point 65°N X-Lite

Point 65°N X-Lite:

Special: X-Lite Pro-Lite (carbon-kevlar layup), skeg, red over clear. $2,545.00. We ship nationwide! Ask about this kayak. Only 42 lbs.

From the Point 65 website:

The X-Lite is a small, nimble and highly manoeuvrable touring kayak designed lighter and smaller paddlers weighing 50-75 kg (110-185 lbs), as well as for larger paddlers who are looking for a fun kayak simply to play with in surf and rough waters.

Like it´s sister models in the X-series, the X-Lite´s characteristics are defined by the shallow V, hard chine and low deck profile which offer unusually high stability, reduced windage and a sporty appeal.

The X-Lite is available both in traditional hand laid fibreglass and in lighter (Pro-Lite) Kevlar/carbon versions.

The low deck design features a clean arrangement and 3 hatches that are mounted flush with the line of the deck to enhance the sleek look of the craft. The distinctive cut-away design in front of the cockpit is not only a design characteristic for all Point 65°N kayaks, but also allows for strong paddling strokes without the risk of contact between paddle and deck. The cockpit is of a keyhole design that offers the snug fit of an ocean cockpit as well as the comfort and ease of getting in and out of a recreational cockpit.

It is fitted with the an ergonomically designed seat including a supporting backrest. The recessed fitting behind the cockpit is designed for towing and locking capabilities.

The X-Lite is available either with skeg or with both skeg and a liftable foil shaped rudder from KayLab. The ingenious rudder control system allows for comfortable support as well as strong steering efficiency. The X-Lite displays its heritage in its graceful lines and aggressive appearance as well as its handling capability and speed, which translates each stroke into pure joy. The Point 65 X-Lite is designed by Swedish kayak designer Johan Wirsén.

The X-Lite Pro Lite has all the X-Lite´s great characteristics, only in a lighter and stronger version. The X-Lite Kevlar is made in infusion molded Kevlar/Carbon material which makes it extremly stiff and light. The kayak weighs only 19 kg (42 lbs) - including all the accessoires. The lightness not only makes the kayak easier to handle out of the water, bbut is also great in surf and rougher waters. Kayakers who are used to the heavier fibre-glass kayaks will find it a whole new experience once they make the switch to Pro Lite.

Suggested Retail: $2699.00(fiberglass); $3699.00 Pro-Lite (carbon-kevlar). At Water Walker, we currently have one red/clear X-Lite Pro-Lite on sale for $2545.00. (This kayak can be shipped).


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