Training for the Whitewater Race Season

The St. George River Race (Searsmont, Maine) is just 4 weeks away. Beginning this week, I’m officially in training. Today I got up off the couch, did 20 situps, and got back on the couch!
Those planning to compete in the Maine whitewater race circuit, please do not read beyond this line.

Actually, I stay pretty fit during the winter. It’s all cross training, I like to believe. Shovelling my 250 foot driveway, cross country skiing, playing indoor soccer, a little bit of weight training and indoor rowing, and keeping up with my two daughters is all part of the picture. But now, with the first race 4 weeks away and the big one, the Kenduskeag, 7 weeks away, it’s time to get serious. My goal is to paddle 2 – 3 days per week in the coming weeks, and to increase my workouts on my nonpaddling days as well.

Resources for training include Simon River Sports’ Training Tips and a couple of Training Plans from Kayak Race.

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