Riot Brittany Fills a Niche

Much as I am endeared to composite sea kayaks, I recognize that polyethylene kayaks fill a useful niche — and a polyethylene kayak is my boat of choice at times. I’ve been using a poly VCP Avocet to run local rivers for the past 5 years. While a great sea kayak, the Avocet — maneuverable, rockered, durable — adapts quite well to the river. This year I’m paddling the Riot Brittany which at 16.5′ x 21.75 is slightly longer and narrower than the Avocet. This combined a deeper bow and stern (and less rocker)seems to make the Brittany significantly faster, which is important on the flatwater sections of local rivers. The Brittany turns readily when put on edge and appears to be able to handle Class I and Class II whitewater just fine. (I’ll get back to you later on Class III).

Overall the Brittany is a very nice boat, fun to paddle and fast. It includes outfitting details such as a adjustable thigh braces, rescue outrigger system, interior gear net, paddle hook and security bar in addition to details present on boats like the Avocet. The one thing I would change about the Brittany at this point is the high backrest. I’ll be looking into how I can modify the backrest or replace it with a back band.

(Disclaimer: I am a new dealer of Riot Kayaks this spring.)

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